I have been doing photography scince I was 20 ish, a guy where I was working sold me a camera and the rest as they say is history,I used to spend days in the darkroom and a most of my free time lugging heavy camera bags around.
I have had a few exhibitions and had work on display in a gallery for a few years and I have done the occassional wedding shoots for people I know.
I had gallery space in Carthorse (near the Tides Inn)and Revolution (alongside the harbour)both in  Weymouth, both are a breath of fresh air and run by very talented individuals,Sarah in Revolution and Felix from Carthorse ex Art Asylum studio's.
I no longer exhibit other than on here.

Other than the photography I enjoy walking our two Belgium Shepherd dogs, and taking the REnfield out for a run.....its a motorbike just in case you were wondering .
My favorite photographer is the late Bob Carlos Clarke,well worth looking up if your interested in photography however his work has (in my view)harshly been tagged with the fetish label,so be warned if you don't like that type of work it may be better not to take a look.
I did do paintings for a while and mono prints,but nothing ever seemed to stick as well as the photography and digital photography has made everything far more easy for people to get to grips with as you can check your images as soon as your camera has processed the shot.
The move will be the start for a more conventional style ,animals and people will take the forfront, with the darkerside less prelevant !
I am going to take a course in sculpture and see if it may make a much needed change of direction.